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May 15th

Beck Photographic Online Print Shop


Order prints of your favorite Beck Photo art to be delivered to your door. Keep up with the blog over the next month for previews of which pieces will initially be available, the story behind the   of each photo, as well as for a promotional deals for blog followers . 


Found In The Wild

I found the packaging I shot a few years back for Delta Pride Catfish!  It was the first I had actually seen the printed packaging. 

Agency:  Godwin Group

Food Stylist:  Mary Goodson

Delta Pride Catfish package at Sam's Club.  

Delta Pride Catfish package at Sam's Club.  

It's fun seeing your work in use!


Lunching With Friends

Had lunch yesterday with my friend and fellow photographer William Patrick Butler yesterday.  What was really interesting about it is that we got into a discussion about creativity and how to keep fresh, as well as when to be a professional, and when to be an amateur. 

It really got me thinking about what I go through, and where my struggles lie. More on all this later in another post

My man Pat! 

My man Pat! 

Also, go check out Pat's work at 

The Scout Guide Jackson is out!

It's always a pleasure working with Kristin Allen and The Scout Guide, and being a part of the Greater Jackson community of locally owned businesses.  

It's a lot of hard work, but the rewards that come from it are tremendous and worth all the effort. I also love the challenge of making these photographs work, and push myself and my photography in new ways and techniques.

Pick one up if you're in the Jackson area and let me know what you think!